Promoting meaningful relationships in China

Audencia has a longstanding relationship with China, going back to 1999, and embodied in the new Cooperative Center for Studies. Our relationship with Beijing Institute of Technology began in October 2013 with the signing of a cooperation memorandum, followed shortly by the agreement to launch CCS in October 2014.

With President Haiyan HU, Oct 2013

With President Haiyan HU, Oct 2013

With Vice President Changlu ZHAO, Oct 2014

We are continually working to develop uncommonly collaborative partnerships with outstanding Chinese institutions such as Tsinghua University and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.

At right, with Tsinghua University Vice President Xi YUAN, exchanging gifts of goodwill after the signing of the DBA cooperative agreement.

Our mission

In 2014, the year that marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China, Audencia Nantes's presence in China moved to another level with the opening of the Cooperative Centre for Studies (CCS) on the campus of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT).

This centre serves as a base for all of Audencia’s many activities within China, and allows us to work closely and collaboratively with key partners, such as BIT, Tsinghua University and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.

At Audencia Nantes, we place great emphasis on the quality of our partnerships. Providing students and faculty from Audencia and our Chinese partner institutions with a diverse range of international programmes and research opportunities is important, as is promoting learning, training and research across borders, cultures, disciplines and worldviews.

Our partnership with Beijing Institute of Technology establishing the CCS on the BIT campus in Beijing embodies this philosophy and encompasses Audencia’s larger goal of advancing global understanding and responsibility. Our programmes are interdisciplinary, with options that are fully integrated and designed for French, Chinese and international students. We also work to involve faculty from Chinese institutions as well as the Audencia Group in advanced teaching and research. Thanks to the creation of an academic steering committee, content, quality and relevance of courses are guaranteed by Audencia faculty. We welcome you to our community and urge you to stay abreast of developing CCS news and events. With a mission, history and people dedicated to China–France innovation and collaboration, you know good things are ahead.

— Frank Vidal, Dean and Director General

Audencia Nantes is a triple-accredited business school with 3,800 students of 81 nationalities graduating each year, 280 staff, over 360 external experts involved in teaching and 191 academic partners in 57 countries, Audencia Nantes fosters higher education development both nationally and internationally.


Audencia Nantes’ commitment to China

The Cooperative Center for Studies, located on the Beijing Institute of Technology campus, officially opened its doors 2 March 2015 to actively promote exchange, dialogue and collaboration between Audencia, BIT and a network of higher education institutions across China, building upon Audencia’s 15+ years’ involvement with China.

Pierre Shi, China Development Director, works to maintain CCS as a centre where Audencia both develops meaningful relationships and activities throughout China and supports visiting students and faculty during their studies and professional pursuits.

Audencia Nantes inaugurated the Cooperative Centre for Studies in October of 2014 with the Beijing Institute of Technology, signing three cooperative agreements that establish exchange and degree programme opportunities for Audencia and BIT students, as well as teaching and research exchanges for the faculty of both institutions. This auspicious beginning is representative of the close collaborations we pursue with our peers throughout China.



In China

Pierre Shi, China Development Director
Pierre Shi
China Development Director
Tel: +86 (0) 10 6894 4866
As Director of China Development, Pierre Shi is the official representative of Audencia in China. Pierre comes to us from the Ministry of Education in China and Tsinghua University. He is heading the development of academic programmes, alumni and corporate relations, and marketing and outreach on behalf of Audencia.

Nathalie Li, Project Manager
Nathalie Li
Project Manager
Tel: +86 (0) 10 6894 4866
With a bachelor’s degree in French linguistics and master’s degree in production and logistics management, Nathalie assists Pierre in the China office regarding the development of cooperative and joint programmes with Chinese universities.

In France

Corinne Peghaire-Yang, International Student Coordinator for Asia & Short Programmes Manager
Corinne Peghaire-Yang
International Student
Coordinator for Asia
& Short Programmes Manager
Email Corinne
Tel: (+33) 2 40 37 46 04
Corinne Peghaire-Yang is International Student Coordinator for Asia at Audencia Group. She worked in the French Consulate and Alliance Française in different countries before starting her career with Audencia Group. As a native of China, she participates in developing all projects with China.

Office of International Relations


Academic committee

Philippe Dépincé
Academic Committee

Philippe Dépincé is Director of Audencia Grande Ecole. He holds a diploma in engineering from École Centrale de Nantes and a PhD in mechanics with a specialisation in robotics from University of Nantes. His research is in the field of decision-aid in design with a strong expertise in multi-objective and multidisciplinary design optimisation, as well as optimisation techniques based on artificial intelligence tools (genetic algorithm, neural networks, etc.). He has been involved in two European networks, one European-level research project and several federal research projects. He has also structured and directed a regional project where he was responsible for 11 laboratories, 60 researchers of full-time equivalent and a budget of over €1 million. At Centrale Nantes, he directed Master, MS, MSc and Grande Ecole programmes and developed the double-competency approach with the structuration of three double-degree programmes (engineer-management, engineer-architect, engineer-officer-navy). In 2012, he joined Audencia Group as the director of the Grande Ecole programme. He is in charge of development and promotion.

Olga Kapitskaia, Academic Committee
Olga Kapitskaia
Academic Committee
Olga Kapitskaia is Director of International Master Programmes and Associate Professor at Audencia. Her teaching and research interests are in the fields of management and leadership, change management, communication, coaching, and professional and personal development. Prior to joining Audencia, Kapitskaia was a management consultant and coach, and has led transformational projects in numerous international companies in France, Russia, USA and other European countries. She continues to lead executive trainings and coach managers. In her early career she was a researcher at AT&T Labs Research in the USA, and a professor at University Leonardo de Vinci in Paris where she managed a master’s programme. She holds a PhD from University Paris 6 in Paris, an INRIA professional coaching diploma from University Paris 8 and an engineering diploma from St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University.

Audencia Faculty

Guilherme Azevedo

Guilherme Azevedo is Assistant Professor and Head of the Consulting major at Audencia. He holds a PhD in Strategy and Organisation from McGill University, Canada. During his postdoctoral studies, he completed visiting terms at MIT Sloan, HEC Montréal and University of Cape Town. His research gravitates around the concepts of globalisation and culture and includes studies on management cultures, anthropological perspectives of globalisation, hybridisation of cultures, social innovation and business development in emerging economies. He is a naval engineer (major in hydrodynamics) with an MSc in international business, and his industry experience includes technical R&D, managing production divisions, running his own company and working as a consultant.

Mascia Bedendo

Mascia Bedendo is Associate Professor of Finance at Audencia. She holds a PhD in finance and an MSc in economics and finance from the University of Warwick. Her research interests include risk management and measurement, with special emphasis on credit risk, credit derivatives and credit rating agencies. Her work has been presented at top international conferences in finance and has been published in highly regarded journals in the field. Mascia Bedendo has taught courses on risk management and derivatives at the undergraduate, graduate and MBA level.

Nikos Bozionelos
Nikos Bozionelos is Professor of Human Resource Management at Audencia. His research interests include individual differences in the workplace, organisational ambidexterity, social capital, organisational politics, deviant behaviour and cross-cultural issues in management. He is Senior Editor for Asia Pacific Journal of Management. He has published in excess of 50 articles – the vast majority of them single or first-authored – in journals indexed by Thomson Reuters, and has presented nearly 100 papers in international standing conferences. His research impact as an individual, indicated by the h-index, approaches 20.

Mickaël Naulleau
Mickaël Naulleau is Professor in Human Resources Management and Organisational Psychoanalysis at Audencia. After an occupational career as a consultant, project manager and regional director in a consulting HR company for 10 years, he now teaches at the undergraduate, postgraduate, executive MBA, executive education and corporate levels. His research approach focuses on psychoanalysis study of organisational and managerial phenomenon such as psychological contract, autonomy at work, motivation, emotions at work, change management and talent management practices.

F-R. Puyou
F-R. Puyou is Associate Professor in Management Control at Audencia. His teaching subjects are mainly management accounting (UG & PG) and governance and control (PG). After building experience in the industry, he earned a doctorate degree in sociology from Sciences-Po Paris. He has a particular interest in the organisational and social aspects of management accounting practices, especially in the context of the relationships between parent companies and subsidiaries. His works are thus related to management accounting practices as mechanisms of corporate governance, but he also has an interest in the visual dimension of accounting tools and techniques (the impact of graphs, charts and software design on management, organising and governing practices) and has recently developed an interest in tension management mechanisms between capital investors and entrepreneurs.

André Sobczak
André Sobczak is Academic Dean for Research at Audencia. He is the holder of Audencia’s Chair on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He has published extensively in top international academic journals on the concept of global responsibility and its implementation in companies and other organisations. His research mainly focuses on the engagement of internal and external stakeholders in the organisational learning process for CSR. André Sobczak is a member of the national CSR platform, and member of the government of the urban community of Nantes in charge of CSR.

Thibaut Bardon
Thibaut Bardon is Associate Professor at Audencia Nantes, School of Management (France). He holds a double PhD in management from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and Université Paris-Dauphine (France). His main research areas include identity construction, management practices, critical management studies, strategy as practice, and epistemology. His work has been published in several book chapters and top-tier journals including Human relations, Organization and M@n@gement.

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