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Joining forces to develop new and integrated ways of thinking!

visitingUnder the framework of the Cooperative Center for Studies (CCS), Audencia Business School is delighted to start the new year with two exchange faculty from BIT: Professor NI Yuefeng (Head of Marketing at the School of Management & Ecomonics, BIT) and Professor JU Yanbing (specialised in management science and engineering). They will be joining forces with the faculty here in Nantes to conduct seminars, advance research projects, as well as exchanging on both schools’ teaching practices.


Chinese doctoral students explore sustainable development with leading NGOs

Speech-student-representativeFor the first time and as part of a partnership with France’s Audencia Business School, one of the world’s leading NGOs, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), gave doctoral students at SWUFE (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics) in Chengdu the opportunity to enrich their knowledge on sustainable development.
SWUFE’s Western Business School and Audencia propose a joint Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) taught in Mandarin and English at the two schools. Strategic partner of the WWF since 2010, Audencia brought a delegation from the NGO to Chengdu in early January to strengthen the environmental content of the programme.
Together with the vice-president of SWUFE, Audencia and the WWF also took part in a forum on corporate social responsibility that was held in Chengdu on January 8th 2016. The event informed business leaders in the Sichuan region of the opportunities of making social and environmental concerns part of their strategies and business practices.
The first edition of the joint DBA welcomes 16 Chinese students. They will follow the programme for three years by attending weekend classes. The DBA seeks to boost responsible economic growth in western China by training the region’s business leaders to a level that will allow them to head world-class Chinese firms.
On successfully completing the programme, the DBA students will obtain a doctoral degree of business management from Audencia and a course completion DBA certificate from Western Business School, SWUFE.

The first cohort of students coming from Beijing Institute of Technology began their studies at Audencia

The first cohort of ten students coming from Beijing Institute of Technology began their studies at Audencia in September 2015. Audencia is honored to welcome three of these degree-seeking students in the Full-time MBA, five in the Grande Ecole Master program and two on a one-semester exchange.
Warm welcome to Audencia Nantes School of Management!


SWUFE’s 90th Anniversary & Global President Forum

12th and 13th June 2015: Southwest University of Finance and Economics celebrated its 90th anniversary inviting Presidents and Deans from partner universities around the world. SWUFE’s 90th Anniversary & Global President Forum took place on June 12th and 13th, 2015. Audencia was honored to be invited and represented by Christophe Germain, Associate Dean for Faculty. Dr. Germain was invited to give a talk on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Talent Training which was well appreciated by the audience.
Photos ci-joint: June Christophe_1 & 2


The Audencia-SWUFE-WBS DBA opening ceremony

9th July 2015:  The Audencia-SWUFE-WBS DBA opening ceremony was held on July 9th, 2015 in Chengdu. This first cohort includes nine executives and entrepreneurs managing or owning companies ranging from the financial sector to the hotel and energy industries. This first cohort was sworn in by the Vice President of SWUFE and Dean of WBS, Dr. Yang Dan and by Dr. André Sobczak , Associate Dean of Research at Audencia. Also attending were Desi Schmitt, Director of International Relations, Pierre Shi, Director of China Development and Dr. Thibaut Bardon, Professor of strategy who taught the program’s first course.
During the opening ceremony participants swore a moral and ethical oath of commitment to both institutions.
The second cohort of DBA students is expected to be launched in January 2016.

Guillaume Blaess visits BIT during China tour

25 March 2015: Deputy Director of International Relations Guillaume Blaess visited the Beijing Institute of Technology School of Management and Economics – a central member of Audencia’s 12 Chinese partner institutions – during his two-week tour of China. The visit to BIT included a trip to the new Cooperative Centre for Studies (Audencia’s home in China), a celebratory dinner with Director of the MBA Education Center Biwen ZHOU and Vice Director of the MBA Education Center Xiaohong YU, and a chat with a group of exchange students from Audencia’s Grande Ecole programme over tea. Before the closing of the visit, Blaess emphasized the value of the BIT–Audencia community: “Our goal is to welcome more and more students, helping them to come together. We have so much to learn together.” Zhou summarized the relationship between Audencia and BIT – connected across continents – with a beautiful Chinese proverb: the lotus root snaps but its fibers remain connected.

Seminar on challenges and opportunities for global business leaders

28 November 2014: Audencia Group professor Hitesh Vyas travelled to Beijing Institute of Technology to conduct a seminar in the School of Management titled “Challenges Facing a Global Business Leader”. The seminar focused on how to succeed with the backdrop of the ever-changing nature of managing global organisations as economic activity shifts from Europe and North America to markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Vyas emphasised that success comes to those who read and react to the unobvious but important complications of wind and current, who tack tirelessly in the face of adversity, and who are able make use of cultural, economic and political differences to their benefit.

Seminar on tai chi principles in management

17–18 November 2014: Biwen ZHOU, Director of the MBA Education Center of Beijing Institute of Technology, and Xiaohong YU, Vice Director of the MBA Education Center of Beijing Institute of Technology, visited Audencia Nantes. Mr Zhou conducted a fascinating seminar titled “Application of Tai Chi Culture in Company Management” for Audencia faculty members and students. Our close partnership with BIT ensures our collaborative programmes are fully integrated and relevant for students entering today’s global workforce.

Happy birthday, CCS!

29 October 2014: Ten members of the Audencia delegation to BIT travelled to China for the signing of the agreement between the two institutions and the inauguration of the Cooperative Centre for Studies. On the same day, BIT and Audencia signed agreements for exciting flagship programmes, the Accelerated Bachelor-Master in Management and the BIT–Audencia Double MBA, and shared the happy news with important press agencies across China. We rounded out the busy day with a cocktail party to celebrate with BIT and Audencia students. Happy birthday, CCS!

Integrating our programmes

During a meeting with BIT’s Vice Dean Fancheng MENG, MBA Centre Director Biwen ZHOU and The School of Management Vice Director Xiaohong YU, Audencia delegates discussed the academic content for the future programmes of the Cooperative Centre for Studies.


31 October 2013: Delegates from Audencia travelled to Beijing to visit with Haiyan HU, president of the Beijing Institute of Technology. During the meeting, President Hu and Dean of the Audencia Nantes School of Management Frank Vidal signed an agreement for their two institutions to pursue focused cooperation. They also held discussions about establishing an Audencia presence on the BIT campus. This collaboration was marked with a press conference attended by major Chinese newspapers, a cocktail party, and a gathering of Chinese and French students and faculty. It was the fortuitous beginning to a large-scale partnership between BIT and Audencia, who have now established the Cooperative Centre for Studies – Audencia’s home in China – on the BIT campus.

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