Why CCS?

Why CCS?

Strengthening learning across disciplines and cultures

The benefits of studying international management and related disciplines from both European and Asian perspectives are clear. But what specific advantages does the Cooperative Center for Studies offer you?

Integrated programmes

It’s rare that you’ll see this level of cooperation between international partners. We work closely with the Beijing Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics to create relevant, comprehensive and culturally integrated programmes that fit perfectly into your training, research and studies – for French, Chinese and international students and faculty alike. We also offer a range of short-term exchange programmes with additional Chinese partner universities to diversify your options.

Elite institutions

Audencia Nantes School of Management

Audencia Nantes School of Management is one of the top business schools in all of Europe, is in the top 30 worldwide for Global Green MBAs, and has been recognised by the Financial Times as the top five for careers. Our graduates work for companies like Accenture, UNESCO, Tencent, Coca-Cola, L'Oréal, Huawei and Microsoft. We belong to a select group of less than 1% of business schools worldwide holding the three major international accreditations —and we’re located in beautiful Nantes, France.

Beijing Institute of Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology, highly ranked in China, Asia, BRICS and world rankings (QS rankings), graduates MBS students who primarily hold key leadership roles in either the public or private sectors, making significant contributions to China's impressive economic development. BIT is a member of the esteemed national Alliance of Seven Top Technical Universities, earning more than 130 national awards in science and technology in the past 30 years and ranking among the top 27 within the entire BRIC region.

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is recognised as one of the best research universities in the world. Boasting 14 schools and 56 departments in science, engineering, humanities, law, medicine, history, philosophy, economics, management, education and art, the possibilities for collaboration within our CCS programmes are manifold.

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics ranks in the top three in finance- and business-oriented universities in China and is an elite member of the Ministry of Education's 100 key universities. SWUFE’s corporate partnerships with companies like PBC (Central Bank of China), Siemens AG, Oracle, Allianz Group and ABN AMRO provide students with excellent opportunities for applied research and platforms for internship and employment.

And more

Our connections in China are many. Take a look at the map of our Chinese network to get an idea of the caliber of our partner institutions.

Ideal facilities


Audencia, a global leader in international management, is known for its expertise in five key research areas organised within a single, profoundly influential laboratory – and a range of affiliated centres, partnerships and institutes. Additionally, we offer the perfect balance of advanced facilities and a beautiful, comfortable environment with modern, high-tech classrooms, cozy lounges, a sophisticated financial trading room, large auditorium, multisport gymnasium, pristine cafeteria and a beautiful library. Campus Net, Audencia’s student intranet, provides access to online lectures, personalised course timetables, grades, email, document storage space and much more – and it’s available in both French and English. Take a virtual campus tour, or get a glimpse of beautiful Nantes, one of the most liveable cities in Europe.


Beijing Institute of Technology

As one of the leading science and technology institutes in China – with a steady stream of research funding – BIT has advanced laboratories, research facilities and new and renovated classrooms. The School of Management and Economics has 11 research centres alone, and BIT has over 34 labs and research centres and a range of collaborative centres as well. The BIT library system has more than five million volumes and 177 network databases, offering a high-quality and comprehensive reference system with equal stress on physical collections and e-resources. And BIT’s recreational facilities are also impressive. Check out the campus photos on the BIT website to get a glimpse of what you can look forward to while you’re in Beijing.

Tsinghua University

A leading research university at the global level, TH’s facilities are second to none. With 125+ key research institutes, continually upgraded laboratories, technology centres and libraries, the learning environment is ideal and maximizes research potential. Take a campus tour to get a feel for life at TH.

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

With incredibly high national rankings in the fields of finance, business, applied economics, management and theoretical economics – and partnerships with key international corporations in these industries – it is no surprise that SWUFE’s facilities are among the best. SWUFE has seven well-funded institutes and research centres, twenty schools and a network of 130,000+ alumni. See the SWUFE website for photos and more.

And more

We partner with universities across China, all of which offer quality facilities and services to international students and faculty.

International classroom & curriculum

CCS works closely with top partners to create internationally designed, taught and attended programmes. That means you can work alongside Chinese, French and other international students and faculty for a multicultural learning and networking experience that emphasises both French and Chinese perspectives. You’ll double the value of your studies and have exciting research, internship and language opportunities in France and China, making you a highly qualified expert who can approach key management challenges and possibilities from a European and Asian worldview.

Students from Audencia on what it’s like.

Audencia-students-at-CCS“Everyone at BIT really knows how to welcome students. And we love the food.”
—Stephane Chavoushi

“BIT was an excellent choice. I can experience culture and learn Chinese. It is a great opportunity to learn the language.”
—Eleanore Sasson

“The classes are very international. There are students from everywhere. And the people in Beijing are very friendly and willing to help you.”
—Laure de Thiersant

“It is very great to be a part of the new partnership and will be an experience that will mark me for the rest of my life.”
—Adelie Dosdat


“Shanghai is a metropolis full of surprises and coexisting influences: Chinese traditionalists, the spirit of the Roaring Twenties, the imprint of the communist regime and an unbridled modernism.”

“I discovered a new world.”

“Hong Kong is an amazing city that offers an amazing cultural mix and a great diversity of landscapes. It is also the gateway to Asia. ”

“It’s an incredible exchange. To live among the Chinese is an adventure every moment! Shanghai is a good compromise because there are a European comforts and opportunities to relieve homesickness (especially restaurants).”

“A rewarding and relaxing semester in the future world power.”

“I do not know Asia, and I am more than happy to have lived this semester in Shanghai. It is an amazing city that helped me discover a totally different culture from mine. I adapted to the maximum and feel much more open to the world that now surrounds me.”

“Splendid Exchange, which allowed me an opening to China and its culture.”

“This semester has been for me an unforgettable cultural experience – the opportunity to have beautiful travel and enjoy a rich student life.”

“I am very happy with these six months in Asia and strongly recommend the exchange.”

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Students from China on what it’s like.

“The one-year International Master in Management program at Audencia was quite a fruitful experience for me. Thanks to the program, I got the chance to meet and exchange with classmates coming from different parts of the world. Audencia is a platform which provides you academic knowledge and helps you integrate into French culture.
—Jiawen ZHU, International Master in Management, 2012

“My experience at Audencia was really precious. Even though I met with many problems when I could not speak French, I had many French friends who were happy to help me overcome the difficulties. When I felt homesick or lonely, I could always ask my friends at Audencia to keep me company to get me through the tough times. When I needed help with my assignment, the friends I made there always stood out by sparing no effort. I remember that one of my French friends said that when you study abroad. . . you are supposed to try to talk more with your international friends so that your vision can be broadened. I think I get it. Besides, I have priceless friendships. Thank you all.”
—Zengran GU, Grande Ecole, 2013

“Since November of 2013 when I graduated from Audencia, I have come to Paris, where I have begun the struggle of daily life. However, looking back, my memories of Audencia are incredibly clear. I remember everything from my time at Audencia fondly. Planning the school’s inaugural Chinese New Year celebration with my French classmates, the cultural exchange during the one-week competition in Barcelona with students from Spain, England and Poland; travelling to every country in Europe with my closest friends during vacation . . . during the celebration on the night of graduation when I saw the video the class president had thoughtfully put together, I began to cry. At Audencia, I gained the truest friendships, the most international training environment and the richest experience abroad. Choosing Audencia was the smartest choice I’ve made!
—Shishi ZHENG, International Master of Management, 2013